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FunFair Founder Jez San Explains His Journey From Bitcoin Maximalist to Ethereum Gambling Innovator

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Jez San article - 2017 bitcoins year , 2018 will be Ethereums

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02-08 07:13 - 'A 2013 TED interview with Jez San, CEO of FunFair (FUN) that explains Bitcoin as well as anyone...btw FUN has ENORMOUS potential and a bargain at $.06 / [link]' by /u/coinpapasito removed from /r/Bitcoin within 99-109min

A 2013 TED interview with Jez San, CEO of FunFair (FUN) that explains Bitcoin as well as anyone...btw FUN has ENORMOUS potential and a bargain at $.06
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Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: The FUN talking – an interview with Jez San /r/FunfairTech

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All videos from EthCC '18 in Paris

Agenda (Google Sheets) | Agenda (PDF) | Official Site (
Local timezone is Paris (GMT+1), all times are local time.

Day 1

Room: Paul Levé
09:00 Welcome to EthCC - Introductory remarks [15:25]
09:10 A call for an end to tribalism in Ethereum by Bob Summerwill [34:32]
11:00 ZoKrates - A Toolbox for zkSNARKS on Ethereum by Jacob Eberhardt [27:23]
11:40 Cryptographic Approaches to Smart Contract Privacy and Scalability by Metthew Di Ferrante [50:52]
13:40 Sublinear improvements in ringCT and blockchain-agnostic implementation by Silur [14:55]
14:10 Casper + Sharding = <3 by Vlad Zamfir [1:52:22]
16:50 Gnosis Safe - 2 Factor Authentication for Ethereum and lessons learned from Gnosis Multisig by Stefan George [39:44]
Room: Jean-Baptiste Say
09:15 The current state of token models by Evan Van Ness [24:50]
09:40 Personal data, privacy and ethics by Gregor Zavcer [30:40]
10:10 Base layer infrastructure for Web3 with Swarm by Viktor Tron [33:41]
11:10 Who owns you? The case for Linnia & Web 3.0 by Sajida Zouarhi [22:55]
11:30 Blockchain based SLA by Gerald Crescione & Victor Valladier [29:25]
12:00 Ocean Protocol: Towards a Practice of Token Engineering by Trent McConaghy [53:29]
13:30 Why eWASM? by Alex Beregszaszi [20:25]
13:50 From eWASM to Primea by Martin Becze [29:56]
14:20 Hacking eWASM - Cool demos! by Jared Wasinger & Lane Rettig [10:10]
14:55 Releasing the Hera with EVM-C by Paweł Bylica [10:39]
15:05 Hera: The eWASM VM by Jake Lang [12:56]
15:20 KWASM: Overview and path to KeWASM by Everett Hildebrandt [30:50]
16:50 Panel: entire eWASM team discussion and Q&A [53:10]
Room: Robert Faure
09:15 What I don't like about Ethereum by Rick Dudley [30:47]
09:45 Fuzzing by Casey Detrio [32:23]
11:00 Smart Contracts for Bribing Miners by Patrick McCorry [46:40]
11:30 Griefing Opportunities in Kleros by Clement Lesaege
13:40 An update from ENS by Nick Johnson [24:32]
14:00 BlockID identity on Ethereum by Christophe Charles, Loup Theron & Maxime Fernandez [17:01]
14:20 uPort approach to Ethereum Identity by Andres Junge [27:40]
14:50 Current State about Digital Identity by Fabrice Croiseaux & Antoince Detante [27:38]
15:20 Panel - Names & Identity [24:36]
17:00 Which governance for my tokens? by Philippe Honigman [41:23]
Room: Amphi Abbé Grégoire
09:25 Identifying & Managing Legal Risks in Blockchain Applications by Simon Polrot [22:44]
09:50 Rotkehlchen: Asset Management, Tax Reporting and Accounting Tool by Lefteris Karapetsas
11:00 Regulatory Framework for Blockchain Payments by Xavier Lavayssiere [27:26]
11:30 Balanc3 by Griffin Anderson [21:40]
14:40 Enterprise Ethereum Alliance by Jeremy Millar [30:02]
15:05 Ujo Music's Vision for a Music Ecosystem of Tomorrow by Jack Spalone [28:12]
15:35 Jaak by Vaughn McKenzie [27:21]
17:00 State of the Dapps - The Ecosystem of DApps by Fauve Altman [17:37]

Day 2

Room: Paul Levé
09:00 The Culture of Crypto Investing by Raine Revere [1:05:03]
11:00 How to do better ICOs by Fabian Vogelsteller [30:45]
11:30 ERC 777 (token) by Jordi Baylina & Jacques Dafflon [22:17]
12:00 Running Rust contracts on Kovan with WASM by Fredrik Harrysson [25:21]
13:40 Light Clients for Heavy Chains by Robert Habermeier [28:49]
14:10 The DAO Stack by Matan Field and Adam Levi [26:52]
14:35 Colony by Aron Fischer [20:24]
15:05 Decentralized governance by Jorge Izquierdo [1:16:06]
15:35 Cross blockchain atomic swaps between Etherum and Bitcoin by Konstantin Gladych [13:32]
16:30 Ethereum Alarm Clock: Scheduling Transactions for the Future by Logan Saether [29:50]
17:00 FunFair - scaling tech for mass market gaming by Jez San [31:57]
Room: Jean-Baptiste Say
09:00 Deodands, or how to give environmental resources the tools to save themselves by Stephan Tual [28:06]
09:20 Alice: transparent nonprofits on Ethereum by Raph Mazet [31:37]
09:50 Ethereum-based Energy Commons by Nicolas Loubet [23:42]
10:50 The Giveth Galaxy - Griff Green [27:10]
11:25 Blockchain for social applications - Vanessa Grellet [22:08]
11:55 Blockchain for good by Sandra Ro [23:42]
14:05 Circles – Universal basic income on the blockchain by Martin Lundfall [25:44]
14:35 OSN decentralized Research and open collaboration by Emi Velazquez [19:08]
15:05 Blockchain for education innovation by Jared Pereira [26:00]
15:35 Smartcontracts for public admin by Jean Millerat [34:13]
16:50 An Introduction To Kauri - Community managed knowledge and best practices for devs! by Joshua Cassidy [34:00]
Room: Robert Faure
09:00 Managing a legacy Dapp by Makoto Inoue [27:02]
09:30 Remix & Dapp development by Rob Stupay & Yann Levreau [28:54]
10:00 Bridging the ÐApp – Scaling now with Parity Bridge by Björn Wagner [39:40]
11:00 State of Python Ethereum tooling by Jason Carver [24:42]
11:30 Breaking Token Curated Registries, A Love Story by Nick Dodson [17:47]
14:10 Web3j: Web 3 Java Dapp API by Conor Svensson [31:37]
15:00 Linking Dapps together with Metadata by James Pitts [25:28]
15:30 Privacy on Swarm by Daniel Nagy [33:54]
16:50 Quorum & What Business Actually Wants in a Blockchain by Amber Baldet [37:47]
Room: Amphi Abbé Grégoire
09:00 Birdy: IoT for birdsnests by Pavel Kral & Josef Jelacic [14:50]
09:20 Flying Carpet by Julien Bouteloup [24:50]
09:50 Plantoid: IoT and Law by Primavera di Filippi [31:23]
10:50 by Steffen Kux [33:30]
11:30 Prediciton markets by Lama Mansour [24:22]
13:40 A quick intro to Plasma cash by Vitalik Buterin [22:13]
13:55 Developing with Infura + Q&A by E.G. Galano & Nicola Cocchiaro [38:07]
14:50 Analyzing the Ethereum Blockchain with by Peter Pratscher [34:01]
15:25 ConsenSys Q&A: Investing and helping the Ethereum ecosystem grow by with Kavita and Jerome [23:53]
15:55 Blockchain Research Topics in economics and finance by Alexis Collomb [21:53]
16:35 Lightning Talks presented by Pascal Van Hecke [1:09:04] (details)

Day 3

Room: Paul Levé
09:00 Ethereum Scaling: Plasma & Sharding by Karl Floersch [42:00]
09:45 Scaling with Cosmos, Tendermint and Plasma by Adrian Brink [30:29]
10:45 Plasma - A Blockchain Scaling Story by David Knot [26:42]
11:25 A decentralized autonomous space agency, with Aragon at its core by Yalda Mousavinia [19:02]
12:00 DAOs, decentralized Governance by Matan Field [21:39]
13:40 Scalable Spanking by Ameen [30:13]
14:30 Raiden and state channels by Lefteris Karapetsas (not Jacob S. Czepluch) [15:05]
15:00 Scalability and inter-blockchain connection via Oraclize by Thomas Bertani [26:54]
15:35 iExec project update by Julien Beranger + Wassim Bendella [20:05]
16:10 Scaling EthCC by Jerome de Tychey [20:06]
Room: Jean-Baptiste Say
09:05 ERC 808 (bookings) by Hervé Hababou & Vidal Chriqui [25:30]
09:40 MyCrypto by Taylor Monahan [35:56]
10:50 Mutable resources by Louis Holbrook [24:22]
11:25 Video Livestreaming on decentralized internet by Eric Tang [30:07]
14:00 Building a Global Marketplace on Token Trade by Don Mosites [13:06]
14:20 Securing decentralized exchanges with hardware wallets by Nicolas Bacca [18:13]
14:45 Decentralized Key Management by MacLane Wilkinson [12:31]
15:15 Gnosis Dutch Exchange and the mechanism design of this decentralized exchange by Christiane Ernst [30:04]
Room: Robert Faure
09:00 Decentralized insurance: Lessons learned and the roadmap to an open platform by Christoph Mussenbroc [41:47]
09:50 Insurance for smart contracts by Hugh Karp [25:30]
10:40 Experimental - Gaming on Ethereum by Matías Nisenson & Luciano Bertenasco [16:35]
11:10 Gaming on Ethereum by Manon Burgel [22:01]
12:00 Doge Relay: The Collateralized Peg by Sina Habibian [23:52]
14:00 MakerDAO and DAI stable coin by Rune Christensen [30:39]
14:30 Variabl by Hadrien Charlanes [21:12]
15:05 Melonport by Jenna Zenk [24:04]
Room: Amphi Abbé Grégoire
09:40 ETH Prize by Ashley Tyson, Josh Stark & Robbie Bent [25:06]
10:50 Governance = <3 by Vlad Zamfir [1:15:50]
14:00 Kleros - A Justice System for the Decentralized Internet by Federico Ast [56:49]
15:00 Panel - Managing legal risk in the blockchain space [1:09:18]
Thanks to blockchainunchained for the initial setup in:
Please post any corrections or additions below and I'll update the post.
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I'm 99.9% sure I know who bought and I'm willing to 'bet' on it!

His name is Jez San, one of the UK’s best known technology entrepreneurs and current owner of (a very popular poker website).
Did you know that Jez and Eric both attended the Bitcoin London conference on July 2nd, 2013?
Here's the video proof:
Eric Voorhees: (@ 0m:53s)
Jez San: (@ 1m34s)
According to reports, Jez's net worth is estimated to be over 200 million pounds. However, what most people don't know about Jez is that he is a HUGE risk taker. Even though 3D poker seemed to be a laughable idea at the time, Jez pursued it and made it very successful.
Personally, I think this was an extremely smart move by Jez. If PKR decides to make a huge push into Bitcoin gambling, the SatoshiDice brand would be a great asset. Maybe SatoshiPoker or even SatoshiCasino might be in the cards. ;)
Let's see how this theory plays out.
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Deep analysis of the SatoshiDice acquisition from TGB

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Released List of Satoshi Roundtable Attendees Gathering this Weekend

Satoshi Roundtable II
This weekend a group of blockchain and bitcoin industry leaders gather again for the Satoshi Roundtable ( retreat. Participants in the second Satoshi Roundtable include developers, CEOs, investors, adopters and influencers from the blockchain and bitcoin world.
The retreat is limited to approximately 75 attendees and designed to encourage organic, participant-driven discussion free of the distractions of a conference.
Sessions include several topics of overall blockchain interest and a roundtable discussion on bitcoin capacity.
Please provide any suggestions you have for areas of discussion/ focus.
Partial list of confirmed participants:
Gabriel Abed, CEO, Bitt Charles Allen, CEO, BTCS Gavin Andresen, MIT / Bitcoin Foundation Adam Back, President, Blockstream David Bailey, CEO, yBitcoins Mike Belshe, CEO, BitGo Patrick Byrne, CEO, Overstock / T0 Michael Cao, CEO, zoomhash Dave Carlson, CEO, Mega Big Power Daniel Castagnoli, CCO Exodus Sam Cole, CEO, KNC Miner Matt Corallo, Core Developer Luke Dashjr, Core Developer Anthony Di Iorio, CDO-Toronto Stock Exchange, Founder-Ethereum/Decentral/Kryptokit Joe Disorbo, CEO, Webgistix Jason Dorsett, Early Adopter Evan Duffield, FoundeLead Scientist, Dash Andrew “Flip” Filipowski, Partne Co-Founder, Tally Capital Thomas France, Founder, Ledger Jeff Garzik, Founder, Bloq Yifo Guo, Tech Develope Early Adopter David Johnston, Chairman, Factom Samy Kamkar, Super Hacker Alyse Killeen, Partner, Venture Capital Investor Jason King, Founder, Unsung Mike Komaransky, Cumberland Mining Peter Kroll, Founder, Bobby Lee, CEO, BTC China, Vice-Chairman of the Board, Bitcoin Foundation Charlie Lee, Director of Engineering, Coinbase/Founder of Litecoin Eric Lombrozo, Founder, Ciphrex Corp / Developer Marshall Long, CTO, Final Hash Matt Luongo, CEO, Fold Jake Mazulewicz, Ph.D. JMA Associates (guest speaker) Human performance researcher Halsey Minor, CEO, Uphold / Founder of CNet Alex Morcos, Hudson Trading/ Core Developer Neha Narula, MIT, Director of DCI – Digital Currency Initiative Dawn Newton, Co-Founder, COO, Netki Justin Newton, Founder CEO, Netki Stephen Pair, Co-FoundeCEO, BitPay Inc. Michael Perklin, President, C4 – CryptoCurrency Certification Consortium / Board Member, Bitcoin Foundation Alex Petrov, CIO, BitFury Phil Potter, CFA, Bitfinex Francis Pouliot, Director, Bitcoin Embassy, Board Member, Bitcoin Foundation JP Richardson, Chief Technical Officer, Exodus Jamie Robinson, QuickBt Jez San, Angel Investor Marco Santori, Partner, Pillsbury Scott Scalf, EVP/Head of Tech Team, Alpha Point Craig Sellars, CTO, Tether Ryan Shea, Co-Founder, One Name Greg Simon, CEO & Co-Founder Ribbit! Me / President, Bitcoin Association Paul Snow, CEO Factom, Texas Bitcoin Conference Riccardo Spagni, Monero Nick Spanos, Founder, Bitcoin Center NYC Elizabeth Stark, Co-Founder & CEO, Lightning Marco Streng, CEO, Genesis Mining Nick Sullivan, CEO, ChangeTip Paul Sztorc, Truthcoin Michael Terpin, CEO, Transform Group Peter Todd, Core Developer Joseph Vaughn Perling, New Liberty Dollar Roger Ver, CEO, Memory Dealers / Aaron Voisine, CEO, Breadwallet Zooko Wilcox, CEO, Z Cash Shawn Wilkinson, Founder, Storj Micah Winkelspecht, CEO, Gem
Also, representatives from Blockchain, Bain Capital Ventures, Mycelium, Fidelity Investments and others.
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2018 Blockchain Thoughts By Jez

Speaking in the latest edition of EGR Technology FunFair founder and CEO Jez San shared his vision on how the Blockchain technology landscape could change over the course of 2018.
The headline prediction, and one Jez has touched on in the past, is the idea Ethereum will become the blockchain of choice. The idea Ethereum will prevail over bitcoin stems from Jez’s belief that it can continue to evolve and power the applications that will drive the next technology age: “The potential market of blockchains that use smart contacts, like Ethereum, dwarfs that of ‘store of value’ chains (i.e. bitcoin).”
He argues that if you think of bitcoin as DOS and Ethereum as Windows or Mac OS, it highlights the role Ethereum will play in bringing blockchain technology to the masses: “There is nothing wrong with DOS. It came first and was an essential part of the computer’s success, but computers only went mainstream when Windows and Mac OS appeared. DOS is difficult to learn, tricky to program and few applications ever ran on it. Windows and Mac OS support and encourage applications to be built and are ultimately easier for people to use.
Thanks to this adoption of the technology, Jez envisages more and more organisations will begin to explore how blockchain can impact their businesses; “Large global companies like Sony, MasterCard and Comcast are partnering up or building and patenting their own technology, while IBM has informed a major collaboration with food and CPG brands like Walmart and Unilever. As these brands continue to find ways to make blockchain work for them and improve their industries, it will increase consumer awareness and take us closer to mass adoption.”
In relation to how all the above effects the online gambling industry, Jez discussed the potential for ‘traditional online casinos’ to pilot blockchain technology, and not just the ‘smaller, more nimble operators’. In fact, he believes by the end of 2018, blockchain gaming technology will be trialled by mainstream online casinos, moving away from the existing centralised server model. This change to the entire casino will be executed on the blockchain, Jez argues, will transform the industry and will benefit players and the casinos with the players in particular finally guaranteed both a fair game and protection from the rogue casinos.
Thanks to the above, he believes more blockchain casino games will be made and played. Arguing blockchains provide a more ‘fair, transparent, cost-effective, global and more secure platform than today’s centralised models’, he also focussed on the value of smart contracts and how they are the ‘perfect tool for gaming’. Those benefits would lead to more developers ‘exploring technology’ and helping more players to become familiar with the benefits.
With the increased use of the technology will come more regulation. “We anticipate increased regulatory scrutiny of the blockchain from financial, gambling, and data protection bodies and in many ways we welcome that trend. We’ll see regulations introduced in a number of countries this year, with Gibraltar leading the way in gaming – having commuted to produce legislation this month.”
“Though gaming regulators typically lag a little behind their financial counterparts, we expect interest from many regulated territories in how the blockchain could be beneficial in achieving their licensing objectives. For some of the more commercial jurisdictions this will mean concrete action such as the Malta Gambling Authority’s recent announcement of a ‘regulatory sandbox’ in which they’re inventing companies to play; while for others we suspect 2018 will be a “watching brief”.
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Ethereum-Developers are Sceptical of ICOs and You should be too

What's going on: Now that Bitcoin's Segwit2X isn't happening and Altcoins are on the rise again, it's a good time to take a closer look at what's happening at Ethereum and ICOs in general. Criticism on Initial Coin Offerings (= giving money to a startup that in most cases doesn't yet exist, that's run by people you don't know with a product that doesn't exist and / or you don't understand) is nothing new.
So why do we talk about it then? Well, now even renowned Ethereum-developers are weighing in and what they have to say is not pretty: "The problem right now is that too many people outside of the blockchain space focus on tokens and ICOs; frankly speaking, it's the least interesting part of ethereum," said Fabian Vogelstellar, the guy behind the widely used ERC20-standard, in an interview with Coindesk.
An while ICOs may be Ethereum's "killer app", that helped it climb to the price and market capitalization it has now, there is still a lot to improve. "Many [ICOs] seem like a cash grab from people who were unable to raise money from venture capitalists. In many cases, these are poorly thought out tokens predicated on centralized products," Jack du Rose, co-founder of ethereum startup Colony, said.
Why should I care: I think ICOs are a revolutionary way to raise money, but it's also a paradise for scammers and get-rich-schemes. As you may know there is this rule of thumb that 90% of startups fail, even if they have a product and a good team behind them. So what is going to happen with all the ICOs going on, that have neither of it? We don't know yet, but my guess is, that it will not end pretty (you should check out this article, if you want to read about a, in my opinion, realistic scenario).
I'm sure that there are and have been legit ICOs by talented teams with good products and a bright future. But we can only guess who those are and if you plan on investing your hard earned money on ICOs, you should check out this quote from FunFair-founder and CEO Jez San Obe:
"You should have a product before you ICO, you should know how to run a company, you shouldn't have an anonymous team and you should release a prototype first. When you describe a technology that no one can understand, you can hoodwink people. People throw money at it, you raise $100 million dollars and still don’t know how to build it."
Want to get essential news on Cryptocurrencies and everything Blockchain for free? Subscribe to Cryptomizer, the daily newsletter with the most essential news on Bitcoin and everything blockchain.
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Bitcoin vs. Deutsche Bank  Milliardär verschenkt BTC  XRP Durchbruch?  BTC Hashrate 66% in China CoinSummit London 2014 - The Ever Changing Landscape of Bitcoin Mining Jez San - FunFair Technologies Jez San - Fireside chat with BlockTV What's BitCoins with Jez San (Filmed at TEDGlobal 2013)

Check out professional insights posted by Jez San, Investor and Entrepreneur - Ethereum, Bitcoin, Computer Games, Online Gaming, Technology. Author: Jez San. Last Updated: 27 December 2017. 2017 Was Bitcoin’s Year. 2018 Will Be Ethereum’s. Author: Jez San. Last Updated: 27 December 2017 A long-time bitcoin investor is now staking ... Jez San is a tech veteran. Founding Argonaut software as a teenager in the 1980s, he went on to pioneer 3D gaming on the SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) and work on various classic nineties games, including Star Fox and Croc. Since moving on from Argonaut, he has turned his… Bitcoin gilt auch als sicherer Hafen, wenn es an den Aktienmärkten nicht so gut läuft. Die Währung ist dezentralisiert und sicher. Zudem gibt es im Mai 2020 das Bitcoin Halving.Der Erfinder von ... Argonaut Software founder Jez San’s Funfair project aims to put online gambling onto blockchain, the technology solution desperately searching for a problem to solve. Blockchain was originally devised by Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous creator of infamous online currency Bitcoin. It has spawned a number of spin-offs, including the version that San’s latest venture is built on, Ethereum ...

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Bitcoin vs. Deutsche Bank Milliardär verschenkt BTC XRP Durchbruch? BTC Hashrate 66% in China

World Blockchain Forum New York 2018 Jez San Founder, FunFair Technologies. Auf YouTube findest du großartige Videos und erstklassige Musik. Außerdem kannst du eigene Inhalte hochladen und mit Freunden oder mit der ganzen Welt teilen. Concerns about BitCoins, Jez San explains (Filmed at TEDGlobal 2013) What's BitCoins with Jez San (Filmed at TEDGlobal 2013) Concerns about BitCoins, Jez San explains (Filmed at TEDGlobal 2013) - Duration: 7:39. Anwar Dafa-Alla 693 views. 7:39. This is what happens when you reply to spam email James Veitch - Duration ... Marc Aafjes (Bitfury), Timo Hanke (CoinTerra), Jez San (Angel Investor), and Naveed Sherwani (Peernova) discuss the ever changing landscape of Bitcoin mining.